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Hello visitor, welcome to this brandnew gift idea basket site. If you're looking for a fine present, you have come to the right place. But please, remember : we do not sell any presents ourself, we only tip you off, we try to point you in the direction of the right gift for you ! Whether you're looking for classic stuff like flowers and watches, or "new-style" gifts like outdoor adventure trips.

BABY gifts

how original are you ?

Imagine : you're having a baby shower, a lot of people are attending, everything goes well and everyone is having a good time. Your beautiful baby girl is adorable and is asleep the whole time.
So far so good.
After a pleasant day, it's the "opening of the presents"-time !!

You open your first present : a pink dress.
Second present : a pink dress.
Third present : an ugly pink dress.
Twentieth present : YES, finally something we need !!!

Get the picture ?

Well, i do, and that's the reason why i want to present you some original, nice gifts.

baby gifts


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