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Looking for a nice gift ?

Hello visitor, welcome to this brandnew gift idea basket site. If you're looking for a fine present, you have come to the right place. But please, remember : we do not sell any presents ourself, we only tip you off, we try to point you in the direction of the right gift for you ! Whether you're looking for classic stuff like flowers and watches, or "new-style" gifts like outdoor adventure trips.

GSM gifts

A cellphone... everybody got one... But, haven't you noticed : everybody likes a NEW ONE !
Ever thought of giving the latest Nokia GSM ? Or maybe the new Sony Ericson model would be better ?

A cellphone is a pritty fine gift, don't you think ?
And it gets better : if you gave a GSM last year, now you can start giving accesoires.
Every brand has it own accesoires line, check them out !

All brands welcome

Samsung, Motorola, Siemens and Sagem, those all make nice gifts.

gsm gifts


Sorry, no gsm gift idea's accepted yet...

But, we got 2 idea's pending!

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